A Quick Review of AASSA’s Services

AASSA offers a wide variety of services to member schools. Please visit our website ( and know that we offer:

  • Purchasing and shipping of any and all materials for member schools
    • Discounts with vendors based on large-volume purchasing
    • Generally tax-free purchases
    • One month free warehousing at Ideal Cargo
    • No “in-and-out” charges if shipped by Ideal Cargo
  • A U.S.-based payroll service for schools wanting to pay full or partial US $ salaries
  • Four main professional development conferences per year including: Business Managers’ Conference, Board Governance Conference, co-organizers of the Latin American Administrators’ Conference, and the annual AASSA Educators’ Conference
  • Student Conference: The GIN (Global Initiatives Network) Conference for students in Grades 7-12
  • The AASSA Recruiting Fair in early December in Atlanta for member schools
  • A partnership with Knowledge Delivery Systems and JK Global which provides two useful services for our membership.
    • Individual teachers may take online courses which are organized so that they meet the specific ongoing certification requirements of each State or work toward graduate degrees.
    • Online professional development courses to assist schools by providing individual or bulk online courses for staff. As you will see on our website, AASSA members that purchase 20+ courses will receive a 5% discount.
  • Ability to publish on iTunesU
  • Discounts with a wide range of providers including: ASCD, K12, and Walden University
  • Biennial Regional Salary & Benefits Surveys
  • The Aprenda Test of Spanish Proficiency
  • Grant administration
  • Educational Research: Please visit our projects at:
  •  Newsletter three times a year (August, January and May) and the AASSA blog

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